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The Secret to Selecting Swimwear

As we got older and had children, we continued to wear a bikini while we could, but chose more modest styles with a bit more coverage and support. Then there came a time in mid 40s when we realized bikinis were a thing of past but we could still wear a two-piece with a high-waisted brief or a one-piece with a deep halter neck or low-back.

Around this time, we started noticing that many of peers were gravitating towards frumpy tankinis, skirted suits, or “figure-enhancers” with obvious control panels that sucked them in so much that flesh oozed out at the armhole and leg. Your choice of a swimsuit can age you as fast as “mom jeans.”


You can’t talk about dressing your age and swimwear without touching on body types. We have often observed that trying to hide perceived figure flaws with more fabric isn’t the best strategy. If you have ample thighs, the worst thing you can do is put on a skirted suit or boy-short style to hide them. Guess what? We know they’re there and no one is paying as much attention as you think they are. So embrace them like you do your laugh lines and go for a one-piece with a slightly higher cut, which will give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

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