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How to perfect the Miami Beach Look

Looking perfectly sun-kissed, naturally dishevelled and effortlessly chic should be what being at the beach is all about. Sadly, for us mere mortals this translates to a frizzy barnet, a sweaty red face and more orange peel than we are happy with. Until you know how to faux it, that is. The beach faux is all in the prep, so here's Emma Heffernan's, CEO and designer of Miami Bikini Shop's guide to looking effortlessly hot, the way that nature (should have) intended.


Poreless perfect skin

A beach retreat is all about rocking an effortless sans make up look. Easier said than done – getting picture perfect, poreless, lineless, flawless skin requires some serious dedication. Leigh Valetine, the ultimate experts and a one stop shop for all your skin needs. Anti-Aging Skin Care

Pomegranate Pineapple Enzyme Peel - Brighter Glowing Skin

Helps remove dead skin cells and blackheads!

Skin will have a healthy glow without using harsh abrasives

Contains specially designed enzyme technology and pomegranate

Enzymes do all the work, just rinse with water!

No peeling required!

Perfect Long Lashes

It’s no secret that long luscious eyelashes make you look more awake, feminine and, well, just prettier. However, trend-of-the-moment, eyelash extensions aren’t particularly swimming and heat friendly (not to mention they can be a little more TOWIE that Brazilian goddess). For those who want “eyes that pop", without the faff of extensions, you need Benefit Mascara, They're Real mascara.  Get that dramatic, false lash look w/ award-winning Benefit® mascaras!



Beach Sexy Nails

A mani/pedi is generally part of most girls’ beach prep. However, after a flight, transfer, a few beach side cocktails and a dip in the sea, it is near impossible to keep chips at bay. 

Here's your excuse to treat yourself to a mani-pedi ASAP: People are less likely to notice those sweat droplets on your brow when they're blinded by the awesomeness of your bright nail polish. It's scientifically proven. OK, fine, it's not, but we still say go pick the boldest possible color on the shelf. 


Toned and taut body

According to a recent survey, donning a bikini in front of your man (or anybody for that matter) gives 84% of women holiday fear. It is true, being practically naked with lumps and bumps is a daunting prospect. Luckily, the beauty industry has caught onto women’s insecurity and there are treatments galore to slim you down before you have to bare all. 

During the winter months, try putting on your bikini every day or couple of days to keep you motivated and always be happy and comfortable with what you see. 

We also recommend at least 15 mins a day of at home yoga.  



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