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Tony Porchia Miami Fitness Guru: Bikini Body Hacks

Tony Porchia Miami Fitness Guru: Bikini Body Hacks

Tony Porchia the Founder and CEO of Work of Art Fitness shows you the fast track to getting the Miami Bikini Body

Let's say you're searching for that perfect bikini on, to wear to the pool party that's coming in a couple weeks. You find the perfect bottom and top that reveals a little, but covers just enough to keep everyone guessing. Then you've been slacking a bit in the gym and although the bikini will turn heads, you want the body that's wearing it to not distract with it's extra layers of fat you've "some how" accumulated.

If you've got at least three weeks before it's time to shine by the pool, then you've got enough time to get yourself right and looking tight with a these 5 power moves that are sure to both challenge you and change the look of your body fast. (do all of these once every three days, with cardio on the other days)

Power move #1: Barbell Squats

Of all the exercises in your toolbox, if you need to mould your abs and lower body in a short amount of time, the Barbell Squat needs to be made your top weapon. This multi-joint exercise works the Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, lower back, and is AMAZING for the abs. With so many muscles being worked at once, you'd be sabotaging your potentially pool ready body if you didn't make it a part of your regimen. You'll want to go as heavy as you can without causing pain to your lower back, hips, knees, ankles or shoulders, and you'll want to stick to the 12-15 rep range for the entire 3 weeks.

Power move #2: Walking Lunges(barbell/dumbbell)

I know you want to give that booty a lift, and there are few exercises that will do that as effectively as the walking lunge. You can hold a dumbbell in each hand, place a barbell over your shoulders or hold one dumbbell to challenge your core. With this exercises you will want to take big steps. When you step with one leg the back leg should be fully extended, then push through the heel of your front foot into the transition. Your rep range should be at least 6 steps per leg. Do more reps if 4 sets of 6 reps is not challenging enough for you.

Power move #3: Standing Cable lat pull down

Now it's time to chisel that embarrassing area that can sometimes fold over the side of the bikini top string. The amazing thing about this power move is that it works your biceps, triceps, back, and isometrically works the core and legs. To most effectively blast that side fat, make sure you contract at the bottom of the movement for at least 2 seconds and it should take at least 4 seconds to return to the starting position. Go with 4 sets in the 12-15 rep range for this exercise as well.

Power move #4 TRX pushups

The typical military push up is fine, but this is the push up on steroids. This exercise works your anterior deltoids, chest, triceps core and all your local stabilizers. If this is your first time trying the TRX pushup it may be a challenge to stand up and perform it, so don't hesitate to perform this one on your knees if need be. This one is best if done 4 times to failure.

Power move #5: Sprint Intervals

I'm sure you knew in the back of your mind that cardio would play a huge role in getting your body pool worthy. Typically I advise my clients to do a mix of steady state and sprint intervals, but since you only have 3 weeks we are swinging for the fences. If you're unfamiliar with intervals, it requires you to sprint full speed for a certain amount of time then walking for a set amount of time. If you are in beginner shape, you may want to stick with 5-10 second sprints followed by 20-30 seconds walking active rest. If you are in athletic shape, shoot for 10-15 seconds sprinting and with 25-30 second walking active rest.

Stick with these power moves and you will be the star of the show when you show up turning heads in your new bikini and smokin' body.

Tony Porchia the Founder and CEO of Work of Art Fitness

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