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Miami Swim Week: How to look your best at the beach

Miami Swim Week: How to look your best at the beach
From Miami Bikini Shop

If there’s one place where it’s hard to hide your less-than-perfect parts, it’s the beach. When the clothing is minimal, your flaws have nowhere to hide.Because of this, bikini season has terrified women for generations. But today's women have an even scarier phenomenon to worry about: Bikini photo season. Because while swimsuit season only lasts a couple of months, photo's can live online forever!

Okay, so maybe it's a little vain to be so worried about this--but really, everyone has to admit to feeling a little bummed when you see that a completely unflattering picture has just been tagged to your Facebook profile or Instagram'd or tweeted or pinned or whatever the next thing will be. Fortunately, there are some sneaky ways you can camouflage imperfections, without undergoing a total body overhaul. We compiled a series of helpful tips on how you can make your bod look its best at the beach.

It all starts with knowing your shape. If, for example, you carry weight in your lower half -- if you're "pear" shaped -- look for a suit that is a solid color from the waist down, with a print, a bold color block, or a ruffle on the top, to draw the eye upward.

Another key element is proportion. By balancing the top half of your body with the bottom half, you can give your figure a more proportioned look.

If you are top-heavy find a bathing suit that draws attention to the hip area. If your body type is straight (lacking a defined waistline), find a suit that has a pattern at the bust and hip area with a solid at the middle -- again drawing the eye to the areas you feel confident about. One of this season's favorite beach silhouettes is the V-neck halter suit, a style that fashion experts say can bring out the best in almost any figure type.

Be Prepared

Don’t let cellulite or stretch marks get you down. There are some simple things you can do to camouflage them. First, exfoliate your body to get it ready for treatments and eliminate skin-dulling dead cells. Finish your shower with cold water to tone and energize skin. Apply a cellulite cream for a firming boost. Finish up with a moisturizer to make skin look healthy and radiant.

Find A Bathing Suit That Flatters Your Body
While bathing suits are usually quite reveling, there are ways to make them work to your advantage. The trick is knowing what you want to flaunt and what you want to cover up. Every woman’s body is different, so it’s important to make sure you find a bathing suit that’s right for your body type.

  • To camouflage a tummy, find a suit with runching that acts like a suction cup-it holds you in place and conceals your mid-section.
  • Tiny floral print or patterned suits will also help camouflage your middle, and look for halter top styles, as they draw the eyes upward, showing off your collar bone.
  • If you are a little more mindful of your backside, make sure your bottom is fully covered and the coloring is plain, and preferably in a darker color. Some decorations on the sides can draw attention away from your bottom.


Get gorgeous skin

You know that some sunbathing will give you back your summer glow, but you don't want to make your seasonal beach debut looking on the pale side

  • Treat any acne or blemishes with a fast acting pimple cream.
  • Exfoliate your skin and moisturize it to get rid of winter dryness before you apply a tanning treatment. Your skin will be healthier, and your tan won't look streaky and spotty.
  • Drink a lot of water and take a daily multivitamin. Staying hydrated and nourished will keep your skin looking its best.

Fake Tan is your friend

It’s true: Everything looks better bronzed. A self tanner will camouflage imperfections like cellulite and wrinkles, and give you a nice healthy glow. Apply your self tanner evenly across the face and body in long, swiping motions to ensure non-streaky coverage.

Fuel Your Bod
We all love a good dessert, but stay away from greasy fast food when you’re rocking a swimsuit. Salty, high-fat foods are a one-way ticket to bloating and the last thing you need when you’re wearing minimal clothing. Instead, bring along some healthy snacks like fruits, veggies and almonds–they’ll help you feel full and give you the energy you need to last from sun-up to sunset. Don’t forget to drink lots of water before, during and after the beach to keep your body hydrated and your skin glowing, and remember the sun screen!


It doesn't matter how cute your bathing suit is–if your bikini line is out of control, that’s all people are going to notice. Bikini line maintenance is notoriously difficult, It's best to shave while in the shower as the hot water softens the hair follicle-making it easier to shave (and will also help with avoiding razor bumps)Ward off any razor bumps with a cooling after-shave lotion and your down-there will be ready to bare your favorite bikini bottoms!

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