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Raw Organic Food Can Change Your Life

Raw Organic Food Can Change Your Life

Yep that’s me, former fat bastard, now just your regular bastard. How? nothing drastic, 12 months of raw food, the early days were rough, it seems a great many of the preservatives and chemicals in the modern food chain are addictive as well as poisonous.

I wasn’t a recent fat bastard, I had been excessively fat most of my life, the only time I was ever actually thin was during and for a year after my 11 months at Her Majesty’s Hotel (but that’s another story) and as hard as I tried nothing else worked.

Approaching 50 and not wishing to repeat my former weight loss technique, I was facing a probable early death, my activities had become limited, although I always had excuses, I did a daily waddle to and from the beach, a sum total of 50ft, and that was it. I would be done for the day.

After taking a round of Stem Cells, thinking it was a short cut, the new energy lead me to decide I wanted to do more, and to do that I needed to lose weight. Organic Raw Food was the answer for me, and I think it can be the answer for many.

Organic raw food is the magic cure.

Here is the brief outline of my diet over the last 12 months

First 3 months, organic juice, yes it is a shock in the beginning, the shift from burger to blender will not be pleasant, the best way to deal with it is to focus your energies somewhere else, get a new hobby, start a new business, anything to stop you from centralizing your day around meal times.

For lunch and dinner, salads, lightly steamed veggies or a super slow cooked veggie soup are best.

3 Months to 6 Months

Add 10% by calorie count of raw fish, sashimi etc.

6 to 12 months

Go to 10% by calorie count of raw fish and 10% skinless chicken breast, with all of the meats remember, wild caught or organic free range only.

So far I have gone from 186kgs to 128kgs, I am holding the current course till I hit the 100kg range then I will look at maintaining a new diet, I will let you know how it goes.

Every week I will publish a few Raw Food Recipes to help those on the diet, and to encourage a few others to get healthy. You can follow me on facebook as well to see some of the recipes and progress.


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