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Staying with Raw Food in Cold Weather

Life is good in the summer when green smoothies and raw salads are popping up out of the ground in great abundance. But how do you fare through all of those cold months when hats and scarves dominate your wardrobe and the cold earth isn't garnering such luscious mouth-watering produce/ Here are some tips from the far reaches of the planet, where raw foodists do indeed dwell and, in fact, come to find that their bodies adapt quite well to the outdoor climate. Eating lots of raw vegan foods will also keep your immune system thriving during cold and flu season when friends and family are sniffling the days away.

Eat foods that are warming, such as 

   ·    Dehydrated foods (more calorically dense, therefore they are typically more warming) 
   ·    Blended foods 
   ·    Dried fruit (raisins, apricots, and dates are especially warming) 
   ·    Nuts (especially macadamia nuts and raw nut butters) 
   ·    Fatty Seeds (pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds) 
   ·    Sprouted Grain Seeds (good for some people, not everyone) 
   ·    Avocados 
   ·    Durian 
   ·    Pumpkin (shred into a salad or use to make a raw pumpkin pie) — overall one of the most heating foods. 
   ·    Hot peppers or chilies 
   ·    Ginger 
   ·    Onions 
   ·    Garlic 
   ·    Arugula 
   ·    Watercress 
   ·    Mustard leaves

If you truly want to feel warm during the cold season, a raw food lifestyle is the inevitable choice for you. During your first "raw" winter you may experience some cold due to weak adrenals, so put on an extra sweater, take a hot bath, or do some pushups. If you will continue staying raw, your adrenals will rest and recover, your capillary circulation will improve, and your nervous system and your heart will naturally strengthen without any artificial stimulation.

In a year you will tolerate cold better than ever before.

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