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What’s On Miami : Miami Bikini Shop Spring Break Sale

Famous for its beaches, parties and world’s hottest bikini babes, Miami has got its own beach lifestyle that travelers vote for as one of the most desired destinations. Emma Heffernan knows all about it. Her bikini designs are one of my favorite to show off my bikini body and enjoy my day on the beach, at the pool parties and cruising on the yacht.

Recently launched as a luxury online boutique, Miami Bikini Shop is set to become a leading luxury lifestyle retailer.

The Miami Bikini Shop brand was created for those who want to enjoy the carefree resort life everyday.

Miami Bikini Shop offers a hand-picked collection of luxury designer apparel and accessories that make you glamorous and sensual.

Our designer, buyer and founder, Emma Heffernan was born on the beach, Australia’s Gold Coast to be precise, and has been on the beach pretty much ever since.

A keen artist and athlete in her youth Emma dreamed of being a gymnast or dancer, but like so many young people, was encouraged in to a more traditional profession and found herself in business school.

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