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Brazilian Bikinis Somehow Get Smaller

Though Americans may not dress demurely in every sense of the word, bathing suit wearers around the world have long out-sexed us: topless sunbathing in France (well, much of Europe), cheeky Brazilian cut suits in South America, and even thongs for the particularly bold in some countries.

Last summer—in the middle of the “year of the butt,” H&M (yes, it is Swedish so that makes a difference) was selling a decent amount of Brazilian cut bottoms in its US stores.

And now, the mainstream of fashion here in the good-ole, Puritanical USA is following suit. Bring on the Brazilian bikinis because the skimpier cut is here in the U.S. When Victoria’s Secret PINK whips out these styles, it’s officially gone mainstream.

It is triangular in both the front and back, with a emphasis on the rear, exposing 2/3 of the backside and covering up just enough that it avoids the thong category. It sits low on the hips for maximum exposure. In Brazil, it reigns supreme and luckily for beach goers in Ipanema, there are women like Gisele who populate the beach.

Everything But Water has more than 80 stores across the country, all of which sell the Brazilian cut well, according to Krock. “It’s all ages and all geographies. And to be honest, we haven’t seen a spring break surge,” she says, emphasizing consistent demand for teeny bathing suit bottoms.

Will the Brazilian cut be too much booty for Americans after a season or two? Maybe. The fashion industry is certainly smitten this spring with anything high-waisted: 70s-cool flared denim at Gucci, sailor trousers at Chloe, and high bikini bottoms as well.

High-waisted, belly-button covering bottoms may be the reaction to the Brazilian cut, but for every conservative cut I saw while shopping, there were three or four skimpier, ass-baring styles.

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