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Organic Athleisure, Yoga, Gym Gear

Why the Change?

For one thing, the expectations for women's bodies has thankfully shifted a bit. In the 1990s, a super-thin, unhealthy body was idealized; now the focus seems to be on healthy toned bodies. Activewear is currently the fastest-growing fashion market, and has become more widely desirable for a number of reasons, including recent celebrity collaborations like Kanye West and Beyoncé. Available at Miami Bikini Shop, the Organic Bamboo Yoga gear is known for comfort and softness. Miami Bikini Shop also has an on-trend leisurewear range including hand painted jumpsuits that are truly amazing. Bamboo is the best material for Yoga and Gym wear by far.


Miami Bikini Shop uses certified organic forest-growing vegan bamboo (OCIA for International standard, NOP for USA standard) to create the beautiful textiles used in Miami Bikini Shop. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and unlike many other commercial plants it requires no irrigation, chemical pesticides, or fertilizers. This amazing, sustainable plant grows wild, and most of the time does not need to be replanted because the act of harvesting the raw material for our textiles does not kill it. Most importantly, our bamboo farms provide a positive environmental impact by capturing green house gases to produce abundant supplies of usable oxygen. Additionally, bamboo is also used as a food source, to create medicine, and even in the production of building materials. It is classified as an erosion prevention plant, and the cultivation of bamboo forests on a mass scale could play a major role in the reversal of global warming.


*Bamboo is classified as a tropical grass & grows faster then any other plant on earth *Bamboo regenerates naturally without replanting, eliminating the need for re-forestation *Bamboo can yield 20 times more timber than trees on the same square footage of land *Bamboo can withstand extreme conditions of drought and wetness, and can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing and poor agriculture *Bamboo is used as a re-builder of soil erosion removes toxins from contaminated soil *Bamboo greatly reduces rain run off and keeps twice as much water in the watershed *Bamboo grows without the need for harmful chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. *Bamboo produces a high quality and quantity of oxygen, 30% more than trees *Bamboo will mitigate water pollution with harmful pesticides and an array of other harmful content through high nitrogen consumption *Bamboo fiber is 100% bio-degradable through prolonged sunlight exposure *Bamboo helps reduce carbon dioxide gases blamed for global warning. Some bamboo sequesters up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare, which makes it an efficient replenisher of fresh air.  


Organic bamboo fiber has a natural anti-bacterial and deodorization effect. This comes from a natural occurring agent called "Bamboo Kun". Test results from the Japanese Textile Inspection Association show over 70% death rate of bacteria after being incubated on bamboo fiber fabric, with no deterioration after repeated washing. This occurs totally naturally without chemical treatment, so bamboo fabrics are ideal for those with skin allergies or who are chemically sensitive.  

Breathability & Thermal Control

Organic bamboo fiber has a unique cross section of micro gaps and micro holes that enable it to give a natural breathability to keep you cooler in the warm months. The reverse effect is created through the cross section of the bamboo fiber. This allows the bamboo fiber to keep you warmer in the cold months trapping warm air next to the skin, thus creating a natural thermal control effect. In addition, with its unique micro-structure, bamboo fiber can absorb and evaporate sweat in a split second, making it the perfect choice for performance athletic apparel.   UVA Protection Long time exposure to UVA rays has been proven to be cancer causing. Bamboo fiber naturally blocks 98% of all harmful UVA rays.  


We are in strict accordance with the international organic standard of OCIA/NOP, so as to ensure each bamboo we select is 100% organically grown in a managed farm. Also, all of our bamboo is 100% Oeko-Tek Certified, which regulates the highest quality of the processing and tests the finished fiber to be free from all harmful chemicals.

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