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Bikini Body Guide: Exercise & Training Plan

A: Stand with feet wider than hip, with arms extended overhead and hands clasped together. Lower into a deep sumo squat, bending knees and sitting back low into hips, while lowering arms toward floor in a chop motion.
B: Stand, raise arms overhead, and lift left leg out to the side with foot flexed while keeping torso upright. Repeat on opposite side. Continue, alternating sides each rep.

T-Lunge Knee


A: Stand on right leg and hug left knee in toward chest with both hands, flexing foot.
B: Extend left leg behind hip, bending right leg deeply while hinging forward from hips, reaching arms forward by ears with palms facing in. Return to starting position without left foot touching the floor. Repeat on opposite side.

Pushup Triangle Tap

A: Get in a plank position with feet slightly wider than hips, abs braced in tight. Lower into a pushup, maintaining a straight line from heels to head (modify to a bent-knee pushup if needed).
B: Straighten arms and step right foot to the left under left leg, pressing outside edge of right foot into the floor while extending left arm over shoulder toward the ceiling. Look up at left hand and hold for one count. Reverse the motion to return to starting position and repeat on opposite side. Continue, alternating sides each rep.

Starfish Crunch

A: Lie faceup with arms and legs extended in an “X” shape. Raise left arm and right leg a few inches off of the floor, bracing abs in tight to keep shoulders and hips square.
B: Lift head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, drawing left arm and right leg in toward each other (tap fingertips to leg if possible). Repeat on opposite side.

Single-Leg Squat Thrust


A: Stand on left leg with right knee bent in front of hip and arms extended overhead. Squat down to the floor, keeping right knee bent and foot off the floor, and place hands on the floor shoulder-width apart.
B: Jump back with left foot into a plank position, with right knee bent and foot raised toward the ceiling (brace abs in tight to avoid letting hips sag to the floor). Immediately jump left foot back in toward hands and stand up (or jump, to make it more challenge) on left leg to return to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.

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